Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sony Too

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My Ole Sony shot somewhere well over 30,000 photos in about 2.5 years.  Ole Sony was starting to have some wonky electronic messy days.  I would pick a setting and Ole Sony would spin and spit and flutter, and still shot some pretty good photos.

That said with THE Trip, THE Encore' under way, that wonky behavior was not welcomed.  So, I asked Man to do some research and make a suggestion on a new camera, brand choice up to him.  Man is well aware of what I like and what settings I use the most and how I carry that camera everywhere, how I treat it, how I will sling it over my back and hike up the next hill or slide down the next boulder.

It took him about 2 hours, and he suggested the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V 18.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Digital Camera with 30x Optical Zoom and 3.0-inch LCD.  This is basically the same camera, just the latest model with upgrades.  You can search it, if you want to see what it looks like, it is very similar to the Ole Sony.  It is a bit heavier, the lense is wider in diameter, the zoom is larger (30 vs 20) and the lens extends a bunch more, the hand grip is a bit more substantial.  I am not fond of the lens cover, and that will take some serious adjustments for me.

We are still figuring out stuff, seems there is some software on the camera for downloading to the computer, maybe it does wifi, and who knows what else.

But, you know I had to start shooting and testing and playing, see:

Above, taken from 15 feet away (more or less) with some serious zoom. Goodness!

Next two photos, see if you can figure out what is "wrong" with them.

No, those effects were not done with the editing software, they are fun little things the camera will do, yellow, red, blue and green.

Caught this festive lamp:

And, this sunset this evening:

The new Sony shall be known as Sony Too (as in also a Sony and as in Sony II).

And, now back to the learning curve and to the regularly scheduled posts with a holiday theme.


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