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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Big Bend National Park, Moving Day

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November 30, 2012

We had determined that a move from Stillwell to Study Butte would be advantageous and helpful for seeing the west side of Big Bend National Park, today was moving day.

We started out trying to find a geo-cache, sighhhh, 'twas a fail.  Our GPS units kept telling us the cache was on the other side of that gate and cattle grate.  The Geocaching web site told us it was not necessary to go onto the private property on the other side of that gate.  We even looked in the palm trees.  Sigh, for the fail.

So, after the fail, we left the interesting Stillwell Store and RV Ranch and headed south into the park and then west to Study Butte.  The haze and distances at times create eerie scenes, reminding me many times of old western movies I have seen,  mountain ranges, almost in silhouette, outlined by light, or lack of light.

Add a few unusual shapes, mysterious, loving the layers:

I am not even sure what to say about this structure, other than it sure is unusual.

An interesting view as we come down in elevation, looking out over the tops, sandy looking, smooth boulders, variance in colors and shades.  Barren, lonely, vast, huge, would not want to be out there wandering around, dangerous, did I say, huge?

Almost looks like a chimney, almost:

We arrived in Study Butte to find a rather vacant but modern campground, very clean.  Study Butte and Terlingua are physically close to each other, but, about as different as can be.  Study Butte is well, alive.  Terlingua is known as a ghost town.  Terlingua is not exactly a ghost town as there has been some rebirth, they are drawing in visitors with the story and mystique of the ghost town.  Terlingua has a great cemetery!  I'll show you soon.

We drove over to Terlingua later in the day as the sun was setting.  Just one of many abandoned homes in Terlingua.

I have no idea.  Looks to be a dragon fly or bee.  Why??  Who knows, but, I do love folk artsy type stuff.

Terlingua in the dusk of the day:

The next day will be back into the park, oh, my, it was quite the day, hiking, flora, space, huge, more, more more.


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