Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blog Caroling, Little Drummer Boy, Sung By John Denver, A Repost

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Tis time for a little holiday celebration, Blog Caroling.   This is a repeat of my entry in last years Blog Caroling, it is still my favorite, so, here we go again:

Thanks to footnoteMaven's sponsorship and challenge and the poster, it is time for the Christmas Carol - Blog Caroling.

Just call me a child at heart, one of my favorite holiday songs has always been "The Little Drummer Boy", it really tugs at my heart.   In 1968 Rankin/Bass Productions released the animated television version of the story of the song.  I don't remember watching it back in 1968, but, by the 70's I had young children and this was one of the several holiday stories we found ourselves watching just about every single year.  Ya, I almost always teared up, sappy Carol.  I loved the story, I loved the animation, I loved the song.

When I went searching for a version on YouTube, I was delighted to find snippets of the original animated version and the song sung by the late John Denver, another one of my favorites.  WIN!!  And, here it is, I hope you enjoy!  The reason for the season.

May the blessings of the season be with you. 

* This video was posted by  YouTube user mistikay.


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