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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Big Bend National Park, Drive East

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November 28, 2012

After our little stroll through the flat desert we proceeded to head south into the park, heading for the Panther Junction Visitor Center.  We usually stop at the visitors centers at the national parks, they give us some maps, hints on what not to miss, suggest easy hikes, EASY, HAHAHAHA.

We pull off at a number of the displays, learning about the park as we go, camera shutters flying.  By the time we left Big Bend we were impressed by the drought, the immense size, the lack of visitors and the geology.

This second shot was at the same place as the one above.  Amazing how quickly the view and the rocks change.

Below, Man is standing on the rocks that are sticking out in the photo above, the sorta yellow colored ones.

I turned to shoot something else, he gave a shout, and look what he did!  Boys never grow up do they??

After our stop at the Visitors Center we headed east(erly), yes, off there in the distance is Mexico.

There is some pollution in the park, haze, caused by sulfates, organic carbons, nitrates and wind-blown particles.  The pollution comes from both the US, eastern Texas and from northeast Mexico.

Geology, look at that yellow, the stratus of color always takes my breath away:

Did I tell you Big Bend National Park is HUGE??

Another example of geology, the rocks sometimes look like they are little marbles and could come rolling down any minute, I am sure they do come rolling down sometimes.

We stopped for lunch in the picnic area near the Rio Grande Village, this sign was on every table.  We did not see ONE javelina.  Having lunched with them many years ago near Corpus Christie, when Man and I had to sit ON the picnic table, I was very happy to skip the experience again.

After our lunch we will head over to Boquillas Canyon where we had a "real" hike right along the Rio Grande River, and again it is the geology that is the main story, with a side serving of, well, come back and you will see - -


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