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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Hallie Stillwell Museum

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Hallie Stillwell, a legend.  

Do a internet search on her name, you will find her obituary printed in many papers across our country, including this one at the New York Times.  This obituary tells her story quite well, so, do be sure to read it.  There are several books, yes, we purchased one and there were a number of videos in the museum, and we watched several of those as well.  Hallie rates in my book as a "character", and even though I did not get to meet her personally, the videos make it seem almost as if I did.  I have a personal goal in life to meet as many "characters" as possible, they enhance my days.  I was more than happy to have "met" Hallie.

About six years before her death the museum was built on the land near the Stillwell Store and RV Park.    You can read a bit about it here.  This building is not the homestead building, that has been torn down.

A few photos from our visit to Hallie's Hall of Fame. Please note, I rarely use flash, sometimes the photos have a bit of a yellow cast from the low light, I edited a bit, but, if you note the yellow you will understand why.

Here she is, Hallie, what a gal!  And, just a few of her many awards!

Below, the main room of the museum, believe it is the "authentic reproduction of her one-room ranch home", as described in the brochure.

Hats and ropes, pure western ranch gear.

I doubt I could cook on a stove like this, I mean, I don't do that well on a modern stove, well, I don't like to cook, but, that is beside the point!  LOL  I'll bet it threw off some great heat and some great meals.

So, if you wander off the road most traveled some day, and happen to be down Big Bend National Park way, do take the opportunity to drive an extra 6 miles (one way) to this museum and look at the life of a ranchers wife back when times were really tough!  Allow several hours just for the videos.

Note:  The Stillwell ranch is for sale, recently put on the market.  Parts of the ranch have been sold off already.  They no longer have cattle on the ranch (that is our understanding anyway), especially after the recent and ongoing 4 year drought.  You might want to go while you have a chance, no idea what may happen to the museum and store and campground once sold out of the family and the family wants out. One of Hallie's granddaughters is currently running the store and campground.


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