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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: A Day in Fredericksburg and Luckenbach Texas

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November 20, 2012

After a morning of taking care of business in the rigs, J,  D, Man and I headed for Fredericksburg for a late lunch and to just walk around town and take in the sights.

First stop, lunch, and what a lunch it was.  The Spätzle was delish!

After a leisurely lunch and a walk around the gardens snapping photos we stopped near the Vereins Kirche where there were holiday decorations. You can learn more about the Vereins Kirche and the museum and history here.   (Love the roses and the holiday decorations on the building, not sure I will ever get used to Christmas in the south, no snow, no ice, no frozen body parts.  Roses blooming and holiday decorations and lights.  WOW!)

I had spied this pyramid on the way to lunch and I just had to have a photo for our German D-I-L.  It stands in the lawn near the Vereins Kirche.  We would visit again at night.  The area was beautifully decorated.  You can read all about this pyramid here, the first extra large pyramid in the US.

After taking loads of photos we took a ride over to Luckenbach Texas.  If you are ever in the area, you must drive over, REALLY, you must!

Out back this evening there were a number of pickers entertaining, Yep, they were good!

Every town in Texas has a cowboy:

We enjoyed a great lunch and a variety of sites, German holiday decorations and cowboys and pickin'.  Another great day in Texas in the fall.


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