Friday, December 14, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

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November 23, 2012

The LBJ ranch is just about 2 miles from our campground in Stonewall Texas.  Man and I visited there in 2005 before Lady Bird passed.  At that time they took you on a tour bus and there was no visitation to the home as she did frequently visit and stay at the ranch.  Since her death they now have a driving tour CD (well done by the way) and visits to the house are $2.00 a person.  There are actually two parks here, one is a state park and one is the national historical park.  Stop at the visitors center in the state park, pick up your CD and then proceed to the national park.  I know, it sounds a bit confusing, but, the staff can clear up my mud for you!  LOL  Man and I enjoyed the new CD driving tour, we could do the tour at our own speed, were not hurried back into a bus, and could chat with staff along the way.

So, let's have some photos, eh??

Lady Bird and Lyndon's headstones, they were a bit hard to photograph, even on a cloudy day.  You cannot get into the cemetery, the stones reflect much.

When we visited in 2005, I was taken by the LBJ on the horns of the cattle.  I got a 'so-so' photo then.  I wanted a better one this time, think I got it!  LOL

In the cattle barns:

In one of the fields surrounding the air strip:

The Presidential plane:

The ranch house, side entrance.  The door to the left goes into the Presidential office, his desk and a desk for 2 secretaries, many places to sit.  In several areas of the home, including the office there were 3 televisions lined up, ABC, NBC, CBS.  Yep!  The guide told us that the 3 in the office area had a remote control, about the first remote ever.  Nope, I have not fact checked/researched this to verify.

The door on the right takes you into the house proper, we saw LBJ's bedroom and closet, Lady Bird's bedroom and closet (she had a lot of colorful clothing, no pale stuff for that lady!), the kitchen, and more.  No photos allowed.

On the National Parks Service web site for the LBJ ranch, there are a number of photos, permission granted to use in limited amounts, if you give credit, I just did!  Here is the photo of LBJ's office from that web site.  I actually thought the secretaries side of the office as just as interesting, if not more so.  LOL

Below, one of the Presidential podiums, in a garage type building with a great collection of artifacts, including LBJ's storeroom.  He would purchase ink pens, toys, cigarette lighters, all sorts of gifts.  Purchased in bulk, he would gift visitors.  The collection was amazing and covered so many different articles, many had the presidential seal on them.  We also saw a number of automobiles.  

Our tour, including the house tour took about 2 hours.

* Photos on this post were all taken by yours truly, with the exception of the photo of LBJ's office, that was provided by the National Park Service.



Phil and Rudee said...

We really enjoyed our tour of the LBJ Ranch. Missed the "LBJ" on the horns though. Guess we'll have to go back! LOL
Thanks fir the memory,
Phil (and Rudee too!)

Kathy Reed said...

I love these pictures. I'm amazed at how "small" the Presidential jet is in comparison to what we use now. I guess there wasn't room to transport the entire press corps along with the President. That is also from a time when we couldn't imagine a jet being shot down by a surface-to-air missle on the shoulder of a terrorist.

Michelle Goodrum said...

This is one of my favorite posts. Would love to visit someday. The LBJ On the cow are awesome. Love the photograph!