Wednesday, December 12, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Thanksgiving Day, Giving Thanks, Getting Surprises

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Thanksgiving Day, yours truly cooked, yep, I really did.  I know, quite the shock.  I did a traditional turkey meal, with some adjustments, turkey breast, and no yams or sweet potatoes.  SHOCKING!  LOL

Our friends J & D set the table, and I must say, they set a very nice one indeed.  No photos of the food, we were all more interested in eating it, not taking photos of it!

After our meal we went for a nice long leisurely walk, towards the Pedernales River.  We decided to walk down to this bridge/dam and investigate it closer:

I was surprised and delighted to find this plaque:

Here you can see where it is on the bridge/dam:

On our return trip to the campground, via a different street, cause Man really hates to go back the same way he came, we found:

Zoom in a bit:

I swear, you never know what you will find on a simple walk after a good meal.  The Johnson ranch is just about 2 miles from the campground, so I suppose we should not have been so surprised, however, we were. It was fun and interesting, sometimes seeing makes more of an impression, eh??


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Michelle Goodrum said...

Who woula thunk it. Man has a good philosophy. I give this walk 5 stars!