Wednesday, December 5, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Galveston, The Beach

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Just before sunset on November 16, 2012 we managed a short, delightful, walk along what is known as Seawall Boulevard, FM3005.  The seawall here is very impressive, you can learn about it here on this Wikipedia page.

Man and friend J, walking, contemplating.  It was low tide I believe, we drove by this same spot during what must have been high tide and all we could see from the roadway and vehicles was water where this sand is, where the guys are walking.

The seawall, from the beach:

A bit closer:

And, if you have seashore, you have birds that love the seashore (yes, there is a reflection!  WOOT!).

Friend D doing what I was doing, shooting TONS of photos!  Hubby J, overseeing the process!  LOL

Man chatting with a gal fishing, she had not caught anything - - yet!

Dolphins at play:

The end of a wonderful day:


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