Monday, December 31, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Shapes, Marvelous Shapes, Big Bend National Park.

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December 1, 2012

After our hike at Santa Elena Canyon we continued our drive, first easterly, then, northerly along Ross Maxwell  Scenic Drive.  Best description, besides the ongoing huge and vast:

Shapes, its all about the shapes.

Below is one I can identify, Cerro Castellan, that fabulous structure to the left of the photo:

Ya, I had to try a panoramic of this one too, more vastness.

Almost like waves on the ocean, waves of sand and stone, pushed there by forces of nature and geology.  Look close you can see the waves cresting.

OK, this one is for my RVing friends, this is a campground.  Yep, flooding thanks to irrigation.  I have no idea why the are irrigating a campground, but there ya go.  This is the Cottonwood campground.  Nice if you have a very small camping unit and do not require power.  Plenty of water around tho - - 

In one area there was a lot of white, pure white, stone, almost looking like snow:

Lots of white stuff:

No idea what this is called, or if it even had a name.  Framed by brown ocotillo.

The two peaks on the far right are called Mule Ears Peaks, they top off at 3881 feet!

It is all about the shapes - - oh, and the textures - -

We all agreed this looked like a circus tent, real name, sorry, have no idea.

It was a long and wonderful day.  The next day will be our last in Big Bend, and unbeknownst to us, we saved the hike we all enjoyed the most till last.  Who knew??


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