Monday, December 3, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Welcome to Texas

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On November 14th we traveled from New Iberia Louisiana to Beaumont Texas.  Route 90 through Lafayette Louisiana was brutal, worst road this trip, no doubt, 17 MPH was too fast!  In fact it was so rough that one of the globes on the ceiling fan was shaken out of the base, was found hanging by the oversized bulb and the outer brass decorative ring on the bottom of the globe was found laying on the floor.

We were welcomed to Texas, Texas style:

After a 2 night stay just south of  Beaumont Texas we headed for the Galveston Texas area.  There were bridges and power lines:

And there was a free ferry ride from Port Bolivar to Galveston.  I could have shown this in one photo, I know, but, more are just, well, more fun!  LOL  Gotta show all the angles, eh??

Our ferry:

From Jolly's water spotted side view mirror, looking back:

Down the driver's side of the rig:

From above, maybe my fav photo, shows the name of the ferry too, sorta!  LOL

Ooooot  oooooo, Tana has a VERY dirty roof:

Out on deck sharing war stories and lies:

J & D's motor home pulled in right behind us, they could NOT get out, as when they open the door the stairs come out, they were afraid the stairs would hit the vehicle next to them.  No worry, I took plenty of photos to share with them.

The free ferry is run by the state of Texas.  You can walk on, drive your car or SUV on, drive your rig on or, drive your 18 wheeler on.  It takes about 18 minutes to cross Galveston Bay.


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