Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordy Wednesday - - THE Trip Frozen In Time By Grandtwins

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Reflections and Man are playing gramma and grampa this week, well, we are actually playing, "last grandparent standing", most grandparents will recognize that game.

So, because I just know there is no way I will be able to write and post blogs while the grandtwins are here, I am taking the easy way out with a teaser photo/post.

Next on THE trip is a ride, about 60 miles, from Moab to Moab, along some very deserted mountain roads.  Yes, Moab to Moab, it was a loop type drive.  Here is a photo I took along the way:

MMM, yes, that is ice.  Photo taken at 1:43 P.M.  You will note, that it is pretty much frozen solid.  Yep, brrrrr.

Reflections will be back with THE Trip posts as soon as the grandtwins have spent some time teaching us to be grandparents once again (translation, have worn us out!).



Michelle Goodrum said...

Have fun. I know you will.

Becky said...

Cherish your time with the grandkids. They won't be little forever! And you will recover from their visit!! LOL (Still waiting - patiently - for those Bryce Canyon photos!!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Bryce Canyon???? My ears just perked up. I'll wait patently too...