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Not ANOTHER John Jaquis, Yes, It Seems So

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Last evening after the grandtwins were transported back to their parents and uncles I was reading blogs, email, Facebook, Google +, catching up.  I noted that over 11,000 new links had been added to Linkpendium.  It had been a while since my last visit, so, I surfed over, checked out a few surnames, jumping around on the web site, not really concentrating or doing a methodical search.  I happened into the surname Jaquis, click here, click there, and next thing I was staring at this headstone.

April 24, 1832
In his 54th year.

A few more clicks and I realized that this John Jaquis is buried in the same cemetery, the Haselton Cemetery, Wilmington, Essex County, New York, as several other Jaquis family members I have researched over the years.  However, John is not in my data base.  I do have 5 Jaquis men named John in my data base.

John Jaquis, no dates known, father - Benjamin H. Jaquis, mother - Mary.  Because I know so little of him, I won't even swear to those parents, he is listed because of family tradition and I have found nothing else on him.

John Benjamin Jaquis, born 1871, died 1917, father, Irwin or Irving Jaquis, mother Jane Mariam Hall, for the most part lived and died and buried in Franklin County New York.

John E. Jaquis, born, 1860, died 1929, father - Daniel Jaquis, mother - Margaret Ann Young, born and died in Iowa.

John Emerson Jaquis, born 1895, died 1938, father - Daniel Edward Jaquis, mother - Sarah H. Jennison, born and died in Iowa.

John Raymond Jaquis, son of John Emerson Jaquis (above) and Leta Dillavou, born and died in Iowa.

So, who is this John died 1832??  First thought, a guess, is that he might be the father of Benjamin H. Jaquis, mentioned above.

Thinking aloud here, if this John that died 1832 is the father of Benjamin, and if the John I have in my data base as a son of same Benjamin was named after his grandfather - -

I could have a lineage that goes:

Benjamin H.

Trouble is, the approximate ages and birthdays I do have, are just not adding up the way I would like to see.

John, died 1832, if 54 as headstone states, would have been born around 1778.

Benjamin H., I have estimated birth year of 1790 from the 1850 and 1860 census reports.

John, son of Benjamin H, have nothing.  Currently the eldest child born to Benjamin H. and wife Mary is shown as having a birth year of about 1810.

See, that 1778 to 1790 stuff just does not work, John (died 1832) would have been 12 when Benjamin H. was born.  Nope, that is just not working for me.

So, who is this John died 1832, a brother??  Are my dates all askew??  When was John the son of Benjamin H. born, and, seriously, was there even a son named John??  Is the John died 1832 buried near the other Jaquis clan in the Haselton Cemetery??

Oh, please, NOT another John??  It is late, John died 1832 will have to wait for another research day.  SIGH, another John, oh, dear.


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Karen said...

Looks like another "research opportunity" for a rainy/snowy day. My Graves family was sure to name every generation William, Thomas, John.