Monday, August 29, 2011

I Was Born WHERE?? Elizabeth Marie Ruthig

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You know the routine, you are working on a blog post, the next thing you know you are scanning over 100 pages of documents that you never managed to get around to before, and soon you are surfing in and out of other web sites, like  Amazing how that happens, one thing runs into another.

Recently during one such seige, I opened Elizabeth's edit screen and multimedia events in my data base to add her confirmation record, and I re-discovered that she has two birth records.  In two different countries!  Not counties, countries.  See:

Above, record from North Easthope, Perth County, Ontario, Canada.  Note:  I have electronically moved things around a bit on this record.  I have not changed the data, just removed the extra stuff, aka, other records, from the page.  In my data base, I only want to show the portion of the page that contains the party of interest.  I obtained this record when I had a paid "World" membership at  I no longer have any membership at, so I cannot provide you a direct link to the original image.  I cannot find the original downloaded image on my hard drive either, cause, no matter how careful I am, it seems that now and then something gets misfiled or deleted.  Rats!

Above, part of page 1 of 2 that contain the birth record of the same child, but, recorded in Huron County, Michigan.  Again, note, I have electronically edited the document, not changed it, just deleted many of the records above Elizabeth's, maintaining the column headings.  The full document can be viewed at  If you inspect the full document you will note she was reportedly born in Winsor, Huron County, Michigan, represented in this image by ditto marks.

Here is the second page of her birth record as found in the Huron County Michigan records, again edited.  You can find this page at as well.  When you have the above record open, look for the little portion that says, Image 917 of 1521.  It is near the top of the page, above the image. Click the arrow to go to Image 918.  That is how I found it!  Did not know that page 2 was available, now I have some serious review to do.  Going back and getting page 2 of  several records where I failed to download it before, cause, mmm, I did not know I could do that "go to the next image" thing in this set of records.  Yahooooo for available parent's names, boohoo for having to redo.  Life is sooooo rough these days for internet family researchers!  LOL

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mary Ruthig married Johannes Arthur Steinback 14 Jun 1916 in Linkville, Huron County, Michigan.  She died 28 Jan 1949 in Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan and was laid to rest at the Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan.  Lizzie and John had only one child, Richard Arthur Steinback, who died at the age of 10 years.

I currently have no photo of Lizzie, nor one of her headstone (if there is one).  Currently there is no memorial for Lizzie, John or their son, Richard, at Find A Grave.


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Barbara Poole said...

I wish I had the World edition, so I could help you, but I don't. Did look at the 2nd record though. What did her MI death record state as for her place of birth? This is indeed unusual, I would think, two countries for one birth.