Tuesday, August 23, 2011

THE Trip, Driving the La Sal Mountain Loop, Tail Gate Lunch and Killer Views

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

As we turn off of 128 and onto the La Sal Mountain Loop Road the road begins to climb and becomes a little more narrow and a bit more rugged.  That is not to say the road is bad, just that you will not be going fast on it.  That said, it is steep in places, and very curvy, and why would you want to be going fast anyway??

The drop your jaw beautiful scenery is still drop your jaw breathtaking - -

There are the mountains, May 2, 2011, still snow up there.

And, still there is more red:

And, a bit of green:

We are starting to climb in elevation now, does this formation look familiar??  We have come quite some distance and are now starting to look down on the valley and the formations.

We are at about 6970 feet and the temperature is 51 degrees, yes, 51.  And that was the view from where we had our lunch today.  Not a picnic table or rest area to be found, so we use Big Butt for a table, and manage quite well, thank you.  We only see a handful of other cars or trucks up here, so, I'll let you use your imagination about other necessities.  But, look at this view!

Tail gate party on the La Sal Mountain Loop.  A bit of a drop off if you go too close to the edge, fresh, crisp air, quiet except for the wind whispering through the brush and trees.  And, we are not to the top yet!


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Joan said...

Breathtaking!!! And I call myself a Westerner, but, lady, you have seen sights that make me green with envy. May I say it again? Breathtaking!!!!