Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday, The Graphics

CABS for Reflections From the Fence 

Recently while processing some of the many documents I collected while in Salt Lake City, at THE mecca library, I opened a file/directory and remembered scanning the top portion of the marriage record because the art work caught my attention.

It is rather dark, and fussing with the digital editor did not make a lot of improvement.  That said, it is still a wonderful piece of art to add to my family history.  This graphic, with the cupids and the bride with veil, the groom in his waist coat, and minister with his Bible, is from the marriage certificate of Grace Lashbrook Cooper, a widow, to John Beck.  They were married on October 20, 1867 in Boone County, Illinois.

I went looking, and found that I have another graphic from the same family.  Grace's brother, Solomon Lashbrook married Harriett Jewell on May 25, 1856 in McHenry County, Illinois.  The graphic from the top of his wedding certificate is below.  It is not quite as ornate, but we still have the 3 most important individuals, the minister, the groom and the bride.  Note the bride and groom are holding hands as they exchange their vows.

And, here is one from my great grandparents, that is just a bit different, David Halterman and Ida Matilda Whitmer were married on August 3, 1899 in Hardy County, West Virginia.  This graphic, has again, the bride and groom (holding hands), and the minister. But, we also have other family members or witnesses, including a female child and what appears to be a lady in a wheel chair.  And, between you and me, I am not so sure the female on the far left is very happy about these nuptials.  Note her hand to her forehead.  I can almost hear her saying, "Oh, NO!"

Three weddings from the 1800's and three different graphics on the certificates.   Now, that I have posted about certificate graphics I know I will be looking for more, do you have any you could share??



IrishEyesJG said...


These are extraordinary! I love them, especially the one with all the family (and that woman). LOL. Are the maid of honour and the best man eyeing one other, or is it just me? All of the brides seem to have slightly bowed heads, a sign of submission perhaps. Thanks for posting these.


Kathy Reed said...

Beautiful -- and different from your other posts. I love the scenery you've posted of your travels, but I like these, too.