Saturday, August 27, 2011

THE Trip, Rock Climbin' in Moab Utah

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Moab is full of rocks, and therefore, it is full of rocking climbing enthusiasts.  Some prefer the 4-wheeling experience, but others like, mmm, the hands on experience.  I shared our first encounter with hands on rock climbers is here.

On another spectacular weather day in early May 2011 Man and I decided to drive 279, as it came highly recommended by MOC friends, Steve and Vicki, and we were told that there were LOTS of rock climbers out there.  And, there were!  The hands on type of rock climbers.

Below:  the rocks, or formations, or walls, whatever you want to call them, tall, and taller, steep and steeper, hard, and mmm, unforgivably hard, eh??  See the cars??  Ya, they look like little matchbook cars don't they? Shows you how large these rocks are.  Could not even get all the formations in the photo, that is how tall they are.

Another view, could not get all the rocks in this photo either.

And, here are some of the "tools of the trade", zoomed in with the Sony, climbers use these chains and hooks and hardware (by the way, I found a store that sells this stuff).   From the ground, from the perspective of a "non-climber", aka, ole lady who would NEVER attempt this, these tools look mighty SMALL!

And, now, watch em climb!

Something of interest to note, several of these groups of climbers were visitors from Europe, it was not American English they were using to communicate with each other.  They were very enthusiastic about their visits here, Man asked.  They really liked rock climbing Moab style!  We enjoyed watching them and appreciated their skills, and no, I am not gonna try this, ever!  I don't do climbing well, even ladders, can't get past step 3 or 4, cause my feet and legs freeze!  LOL


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