Monday, August 8, 2011

THE Trip, Arches National Park, Wolfe Ranch

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After our 2 little hikes on our second day in Arches National Park, we decided no more hiking for the day.  We did travel a little further into the park to the site of the Wolfe Ranch.  You can read about it and a lot of other fascinating history on the park here.  According to that web page, "In the late 1800s, John Wesley Wolfe, a disabled Civil War veteran, and his son, Fred, built a homestead in what is now Arches National Park. A weathered log cabin, root cellar, and corral remain as evidence of the primitive ranch they operated for more than 10 years."

So, we walked around the site, briefly, and took a few photos.  The first two photos below are of the home, the weathered log cabin, beautiful in a stark artsy way:

Below, the roof, have no idea just how they did this, what materials were used, and the color is off a bit here, I remember it as being a bit on the greenish side.  I wonder, was this original, or has it been repaired and replicated??  Have to say, don't think there is a lot of insulating factors here.  Whew!

And, below, looking at the roof structure from below.  You can see a bit of mud chink between the logs.

Below, a look at the corner of the cabin.  Gotta say, those logs sure look dried out when viewed from this angle.

The root cellar building, much shorter than the cabin.  Appears they dug out soil, so they could get some cooling.  Considering this harsh environment, my imagination runs rampant, the act of digging out the foundation, finding enough logs to build these structures, even though the structures are not that large.  Hard work, and remember, John was disabled.

Corral fencing:

And, thus ends our second day in Arches National Park, April 28, 2011.  It has been overwhelming, awe inspiring, tiring, exhilarating.  Totally awesome!

Leave ya today with this one last photo, taken during our hike around the North and South Windows, I could look at this all day.

* These photos of the buildings and fence at Wolfe Ranch just beg me to do some fun digital editing.  I have very little, OK, no experience with this "art form" and I need a lot more time to learn.  But, I did play with the second photo of this post, see below.  And, that corall fence, just screams at me, it just may show up somewhere here on Reflections again.


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