Sunday, August 21, 2011

NASCAR Fly Overs

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Today is race day at Michigan International Speedway.  NASCAR. There was a flyover (team not determined yet).  Usually Man and I try to escape the area on race days, as the traffic is horrific if you are a local and need to go to church or the grocery store.  If we cannot escape, we stay right here at the stick built and listen to the cars roar.  We are about 10 miles from the track, we can hear em running.  Today I got to hear and see the fly overs by the fighter jets.  Here are 2 of the photos I managed to click off (do you have any idea how hard it is to get photos of those babies flying by at how many MPH??  GULP!!!).  Both photos presented first as they came out of the camera, then, with some cropping.  Nothing earth shattering, just some fun for a Sunday afternoon.

Same photo, zoomed:

Second photo:

Just the planes, zoomed to the max via photo editing:

The photo I missed, sighhh, would have been fab, as one of the fighters flew RIGHT over my house!  LOW!



PalmsRV said...

Nice flyover shots! We saw a caravan of RV's heading towards MIS as we traveled from Ann Arbor to Homer last Thursday.

pugbug said...

Nice photos. I LOVE fly overs!

Karen said...

Awesome! I can relate to the traffic, etc. - spent one year living 2 blocks from the State Fairgrounds. Longest 8 days of my life. You got some great flyovers out of the deal though!