Friday, August 26, 2011

So Honored to Share a Photo

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Some of you may remember that back in late February, early March during THE Trip, Man and I spent a good part of an afternoon at Salvation Mountain near Niland, California.  Salvation Mountain is the life's work and dream of Leonard Knight.

We had no idea what to expect, but, we were mesmerized, and totally enchanted within minutes of our arrival. We had the distinct pleasure of meeting Leonard.  He captivates, he loves, he is so simply real.   In just a short span of time he wins hearts.

Salvation Mountain has a Facebook presence, and, I am a follower, as are over 4,000 others.  I shared the three posts I did on Salvation Mountain on the Facebook page. For those that may have not seen them, they are here:

THE Trip, Salvation Mountain, The Tools of Love

THE Trip, Salvation Mountain, near Niland California

THE Trip, Leonard Knight, Salvation Mountain, A Photo Tribute

After posting the links at Salvation Mountain, I was contacted by Patrick Rea, filmmaker, who also has a Facebook presence and  web presence.  Patrick is making a film about Leonard and Salvation Mountain.  He requested the use of one of the photos I took of Leonard.  Happens to be the photo above.

You know, most photographers hope that someday a photo they have taken will touch others.  For me, the hope is that my photos will make others smile, and maybe, just maybe, touch them in a positive way.  I never dreamed any of my photos would make it past Reflections From the Fence or Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  And, that has been perfectly fine, I have just been thrilled to share on the blogs.

I don't think of myself as any "great" photographer, just an ole gal who loves the challenge and the fun of seeing if she can "catch" some visual with her Sony.  Reflections From the Fence and Reflection's Flora and Fauna have provided me with a creative outlet that I have been looking for for years!  It is my little nitch, fulfilling my need to be creative.  A place to create something sorta artsy, maybe pretty.

On a good day, maybe one of those photos will cause you, my faithful readers and friends, to smile, or go WOW, or sigh in peace and awe.  If a photo takes your breath away, even for just a moment, I am thrilled, it is a great day!

Never would I have dreamed that one of my photos would be picked for something like this.  And, yes, I have granted that permission.  You can see my photo of Leonard on this page at Patrick Rea's web site.  Thank you Patrick for choosing my photo of Leonard to be used in such a positive place and way.  I am humbled and so very honored.



lindalee said...

Two thumbs way up!!! Congrats Carol.

Karen said...

Oh, that's just fantastic, Carol! You have such a talent and skill with that Sony, so it's not surprising. Way to go!!

Apple said...

Congratulations! It was a great series and I'm happy you are getting some recognition from it.

Susan Clark said...

I'm so pleased for you and that your photograph of Leonard will be used to promote his work - and His work.

DearMYRTLE said...


Barbara Poole said...

I like the story behind the man, and the pictures are great. I like how you are helping promote the story. And, I like your enthusiasm about Leonard. Now you are a star photographer, good work.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

What an honor for you Carol! Very cool. And for the record, your photographs ALWAYS make me smile! :-D

Greta Koehl said...

Fabulous news! And it is a wonderful picture.

Carol said...

Thank you, ALL of you, for your kind comments.

my Heritage Happens said...

Congratulations to you Carol! It is a wonderful picture and I can see why they wanted to use it! Great job!