Tuesday, August 30, 2011

THE Trip, Driving Scenic 279

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Scenic Route 279 (just north of Moab Utah, off of 191) is more than rock climbers.  It is a beautiful drive along the Colorado River with the towering red rocks to contrast the water.

Always on the lookout for items of interest, especially pictographs, you just know I had to have Man pull over when I saw a sign announcing Indian writing.  Sony and I went hunting.  And, I looked, and I looked, and I looked more. I twisted my head left and right, climbed up the hill a bit, looking harder and harder.  DUHHHH, I could not see them.  I took a photo of what I did see, and once on the computer I tried one of my favorite little tricks, auto-correct, on the photo editing program.  And, this is what I got.   Note, color is NOT what I saw.  I sure am having trouble seeing any Indian writing, but Jerome was here.

There are several small camping areas along 279, here is one, no power, no water, no dump, boondocking only, small rigs only, Tana would have trouble fitting in most of these sites.  But for the right family, these sites are fabulous!

Now, let's finish our ride, again, courtesy of Man, Big Butt, Sony and our Maker, most of all, our Maker. (Some photos were cropped or edited to remove reflections and glare.



Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Harumphhh! Google images could not figure these images out, LOL! Not foil proof that's for sure! Just for fun I put your Mr. Bearjangles in and it brought back images from this place called "Reflections from the Fence"...can you imagine? ;)

Susan Clark said...

Lucky Jerome! One more road to add to the bucket list.