Thursday, August 25, 2011

THE Trip, Treasured Campsite, Real Boondocking!

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Now and then we see things that are just too much fun, unusual (to us).  Here is one, taken while driving the La Sal Mountain Loop, near Moab Utah.  It is in the middle of NO WHERE.  Believe me, no dumps, no power, no water, no utilities at all.  Left me shaking my head in wonder, as in "wonder why they would choose to boondock here?"  Ah, but we all know, it takes all kinds to keep this wonderful world of ours spinning on it's axis.

Wanna bet he has some interesting neighbors??  This is in the general area that Man and I spied the only wild cat we saw during our 8.5 month trip.  I can almost hear the coyotes yowling, can't you??

Happy Boondocking!

* I am gonna take a wild guess here and think aloud that they have installed some kind of rudimentary sewer system, tote their water in, generator for minimal power and a lot of adult beverages to wash down the dust.  Ya, that works!  LOL