Monday, August 1, 2011

THE Trip, A Few Notes

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Ya, THE Trip is over, even though the reports continue and continue and continue - - -

I recently did a map from the first stop to the last stop, it is down there, way down there, at the bottom of the blog.  I made it large, cause, mmmm, it is about 6,500 miles of map.  All those numbers, sorta show stops.  More detailed maps are at the top of the blog under the page titled, THE Trip, The Maps (original snappy title, eh??)

I mentioned before, that we drove 14,500 miles with Big Butt, towing and sightseeing and errands combined.  Tana was towed about 6,500 miles.

Yea, WOW, even though we did it, Man and I still are a bit surprised and astonished by it all!  LOL



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Myrna said...

It just keeps getting better and better. What a fabulous trip and the map and other pictures at the bottom are awesome.. Myrna