Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reflections and Spring Cleaning

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

OK, so I know I take tooooooo many photos.  17,000 in one year, that is a lot of photos!  SIGHH

And, now, I must do some spring cleaning.  The Baby HP is way over loaded, and I am afraid to even try to down load more photos from the Sony.

I have been having so much fun blogging that I have not done enough cleaning, and now the Photo Piper must be paid.

Man and I have been playing tourist pretty hard for about 3 weeks, oh, we have seen some fabulous stuff, beauty that is beyond description.  Truthfully, I am on sensory overload, and Sony is too!  Man and I are also tired from running hard and sightseeing long.  We have gone on a few hikes too, and I must say, we both are really sleeping well at night!  LOL

But, I have to address this storage issue and I have to address it NOW.  I am not quite sure how or what steps I will take.  I am not sure how long it will take me since I have no idea what method or strategy I am going to use.  (Suggestions gladly accepted and considered. LOL)

Plus, Man and I are within a few weeks of Salt Lake City, that family history mecca.  And, sadly, I am not prepared for the visit.  See, we have tried to take this trip for 5 years, it was cancelled each year for one reason or another.  I became rather depressed about the whole thing and adopted an attitude that it was probably never going to happen for me.  So I stopped working on a to do list.  Well, it looks like it really might happen, and oooops, no to do list!  Well, that is not the real truth, I have one, but it pathetic, only 30 items.  I have a few tricks up my sleeves tho, and it will all work out, I have faith.

So, I am going to slow down on the blogging and work diligently on the photo issue and then I am going to spend a bit of time on that to do list.

I have several posts in the can and scheduled to go.  How soon I can finish more posts will depend on my energy levels, the amount of sightseeing and hiking we do in the next several weeks, and how fast the spring house cleaning goes.  And, off to work I go:

* And, just you wait, the stuff we have been seeing since we left the Gold Canyon Arizona, well, I running out of words, awesome, out of this world, overwhelming, beautiful, spiritual.

** Clip art of CD courtesy of Daily Clip Art.  Clip art of lady and computer courtesy of Clipartheaven.


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Good luck on the spring cleaning Carol, I don't envy you there. But I do envy your lengthy sight seeing trip! Keep the pictures coming our much fun to see them all!

Barbara Poole said...

Carol, I'm glad to hear you are going to slow down, but do I believe it, hum, time will tell. Preparing for SLC takes a lot of work. If, by chance, you don't finish your list, I can send you mine! Signed, Envious.

Dorene from Ohio said...

I so hope you get to Salt Lake City!! Be sure to make room for more photos once you get there:)

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Could not agree with Barbara more! Signed Envious, too.

As to the photos - I'd put it off for another day. Buy another external hard drive, sd card(s) or both and make room on the computer (I'd do both, but I'm obsessive about back ups). There'll be plenty of time to plow through them all when you get home.

Greta Koehl said...

I think your priorities are correct - though Susan may be right, perhaps you can buy some time with another external hard drive. Do you have enough of your gen. stuff with you so that you can work on that research list? Anyway, much as I love reading Reflections, I'd say having the "opportunity of a lifetime" to research in SLC, focus on that! Good luck!

Carol said...

Thank ya all, again!

Lisa, the photos will slow down to about every other day till I can get a handle on all of this. Thanks

Envious, aka Barbara, MMMM, please do not send your list just yet, I can let you know if I need it later! LOL

Dorene, I am gonna have to make room for a lot more photos, we still are not finished in Moab area, Canyonlands, etc., and we are going to run over to Bryce and Zion next. I have been warned - - OOOO OOOO

Envious, aka Susan, that is an option, one that I am not totally comfortable with, yet. I have always had my photos on my lap top, ALL my photos. I do have two external hard drives with me, and for the most part the photos are all backed up on at least one of them, if not both. I will spend some quality time with Explorer and the listing of files on both in the next day or so.

Greta, As far as the genie stuff with me, yes mam, I do, I have quite a few files stashed in every corner of Tana. I can pull out files, review, work from them. Or there is my all time favorite research trip, print out a list of events in a locality, check to see if I have documentation to support, like, do I have the actual birth certificate or do I just have the info from the birth index. OH, that works soooooooooo nice!

Again, thanks all. I do so appreciate the ideas and thoughts, more than you will ever know.

Michelle Goodrum said...

I know how you feel about having to move photos from your computer. I keep all of mine on the laptop too. But an external hard drive will take care of your unique issue. My, my, my 17,000 pics. And I thought I was bad.

Do take care of the spring cleaning because you WILL need the storage is you are going to Zion and Bryce!! Good luck and keep having fun!