Friday, April 22, 2011

THE Trip, Tortilla Flat, Arizona, The Revisit

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Man and I just had to make a return run to Tortilla Flat, the drive is so beautiful.  Photos don't do it justice, although I did take a few in the attempt, eh??  LOL

(Posts on the first trip are here and here.  Hopefully today's photos will not be duplicates, LOL)

Above, another Saguaro.  They are so fascinating, I find
my shutter finger snapping more and more photos.
Look at the size of this one, the arms, the critter homes/holes.
Man and I had lunch on the patio, listening to the band,
enjoying a burger and a beer.  Look at that view, will ya!
It is all about contrasts in the desert. This is near a marina on Canyon Lake.
We were crossing the single lane bridge.  I was captivated by this
huge rock, it was so different in texture and color than most others in the area
Above:  You can take a ride on Canyon Lake.
They also rent pontoon boats, I wish I had known
about that rental business in time for us to partake.
A view of one of the two single lane bridges,
water, bridge, mountain, rock, saguaro, flowers,
cholla.  This is becoming a favorite photo!
Man and I stopped along the road so we could get out and take in
this great vista, stretching for miles.
But, wait, what is that at the bottom of the hill??
Well, you just never know what you will see.
I have no idea if these are accidents, or a dump.
Concerning either way.
One last look at Canyon Lake.
The revisit to Tortilla Flats was so worth the time and effort.  The area is so intense in beauty.  The views second time around were just as breathtaking.  We were so glad we went.


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Grandma MG said...

Yes, I agree! I will go back next year!!! Beautiful!!!