Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Trip, Superstition Mountains, Faces and Moods

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

During our month in Gold Canyon, Arizona, we found our attention drawn time and again to Superstition Mountains.  I found my self taking photos from many different vantage points, from places we had stopped to visit, from Big Butt, while we were hiking.  Here are the faces and moods of Superstition Mountain, and yes, this is a graphics heavy post, hope you will stick around to view the magical and mysterious Superstitions.

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And, last, but not least, as they say, the Superstitions late in the evening, as the sun is dropping low on the western horizon, casting the Superstitions in a golden hue.  (This photo was taken from Big Butt on the way back to our campground, at 55 MPH.)

* The Superstitions are steeped in history and legends, including but not limited to the Lost Dutchman gold.  The Pima and the Apaches both have a story of flooding that includes the Superstitions, the Pima's calling it the Slanted Mountain.   A few moments spent with your favorite search engine will find a number of web pages with stories and information to entertain you.


Barbara Poole said...

Very nice. I bet #6 would look outstanding if there was a sunrise, moon, sunset or rainbow in it, but even without those, it's still nice.

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

My grandparents spent time here and I recall my Grandmother was very interested. Google has a number of great articles - thanks for bringing back some buried memories

Michelle Goodrum said...

I never tire of the Superstition Mountains either in person or pictorally. Super nice photos. My fav is the one with the saguaro (of course)!

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Finally getting a chance to catch up and am SO glad. Gorgeous. I do love those mountains...