Monday, April 25, 2011

THE Trip, Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

At an impromptu MOC (Montana Owners Club) gathering of 4 couples who happened to be in the area at the same time, one couple mentioned Organ Stop Pizza and the organ.  They said the pizza was good (it was! more than good, fantastic) and the entertainment (no additional charge, come on in, sit down for a spell and enjoy) was outstanding (and it was!  more than outstanding!)

A few days later, Man and I found ourselves close enough (as in, we were only a few miles away) and it was getting to be dinner time, and yes, we were hungry.  We hoped to meet up with MOC friends Ray and Coleen, but somehow we messed that up, the meet was missed.  RATS.  But, Man and I went on in, had our pizza and a beer and took in the entertainment.


First, this guy really could play. Second, the sound was outta this world!  No words suffice.  If you read their web page describing the Wurlitzer Organ you start to get an idea, but the reality is far better than the web page!  LOL

Here it comes, lifting up outta the basement or where ever,
playing and the organ turning as it rises.  Neat!  Carol liked it!
Look at all those pipes and baffles and tambourine and  - -
A closer look at some of the other instruments the organ can play,
how does he remember what stop to pull??
And, a bit of whimsy, kitty puppets that dance to certain songs.
Fun for the kid in us all.
Hard to take it all in, pipes, cymbals, drums, more pipes,
and this beautiful Wurlitzer organ.
We would have loved to go back to Organ Stop Pizza another time or two, but, we learned of it at the end of our visit, maybe, next time - -

Thanks to our MOC friends for sharing this with us, it was fab!  Oh, yea, the musician in Carol loved it!



Lori E said...

How cool is that. Was it really loud though? That could be a problem. Oh how I wish we could find a place that makes good pizza still.
No one uses real cheeses any more. The kind that would form long strings of cheese when you took a bite. Mmmmm. Haven't had breakfast yet and now I want pizza. Thanks.

Greta Koehl said...

OMG - you have just been to one of my dream destinations! I remember hearing recordings made at (I think the name was) Pipe Organ Pizza (maybe it was actually Organ Stop Pizza, though) on the radio show WCRB Saturday Night in Boston. What a great experience this must have been.