Monday, April 11, 2011

THE Trip, Ride to Roosevelt Dam/Lake, Roosevelt Arizona

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One of day trips with friends Bob and Mina was to Roosevelt Dam/Lake area.  It was about 70 miles, give or take, from Gold Canyon to Roosevelt Lake.  As it happened, we would make the trip twice, once with Bob and Mina and another day we drove over to visit with Man's cousin and her hubby.  I took lots of photos both days, but, of course.

We left the campground and took 60 through Superior on to Miami, just past Claypool we turned onto the 188 and drove it all the way to Roosevelt.  We enjoyed the scenery all the way over, especially the section of road between Superior and Miami!  Beautiful!

Rocks, and lots of them.
Hills, and lots of them.
Curves and lots of them.

Toss in a nice tall bridge, cause what is a ride without a bridge?
This mine is near Superior.  The area is known for copper mines.
We passed lots and lots of saguaros.  Large, multi-armed saguaros.
This is just a small representation, they were growing everywhere,
They are fabulous!  (But, don't mess with one, cause they will bite!)
Above, one of our first views of Roosevelt Lake as we drive northwest.
Blue is such a wonderful surprise to see in the desert.
Stunning, isn't it?
Our trip included a visit to the Roosevelt Dam, and some other fun stuff, too much to cover in one post, so, you know the routine, come on back and I'll show ya more over the next few days.



Nita said...

Nice photos Carol! We didn't make it to the Apache Junction area, but it will definately be on the list for our next visit. Have heard that Roosevelt Lake area is beautiful!

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

It IS stunning. So much fun to see these spots again.

Joan said...

Enjoyed the trip --- as usual.