Saturday, April 23, 2011

THE Trip, Roosevelt Lake, Worth Two Trips

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We returned to Roosevelt Lake area a second time.  We wanted to see the area again, and we had a really great excuse, Man's cousin, his kissing cousin, now lives there.  So, early one morning, we packed up all the fur kids so we could stay as long as we wanted, HOURS and HOURS, and off we went.

We stopped in Superior Arizona for breakfast.  Thought it would be easy, we knew right where a restaurant was on 60, came highly approved.  Well, mmmm, think it was a Monday, they were closed.  So, we sorta drove around a bit, ended up in downtown, off of the 60 and found the Uptown Cafe.  Perfect, quirky history, interesting staff, good food.  WIN!

My fascination with rock formations continues, OK, my awe with rock formations continues:

Look at that road, curves, hills, more curves,
mixed in with some more rocks.  Ya, gorgeous.
And, look close, those rocks on the top, balanced just so. Awesome!

The different colors, textures, shapes, and how the are arranged
never fails to amaze or take my breath away.
Yep, I think I could ride along while Man drives this a few more times before I get bored.  But, sadly, for this year, this is our last trip to Roosevelt Lake, but not before Man's cousin and her hubby gave us a taste of the road between Roosevelt Dam and Tortilla Flat.  I'll post those photos next.


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Lori E said...

I like rock formations too as long as they stay where they are supposed to and don't drop on the roadway. We go through a bit of an avalanche area on the way to our cabin and I end up holding my breath just willing the rocks to stay where they are.