Monday, April 4, 2011

THE Trip, Tortilla Flat, Arizona, Population 6?

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Last post I left you wondering about the town of Tortilla Flat. Remember??

Ah, yes, we do remember, the entire town of Tortilla Flat,
it's history and the beautiful drive to Tortilla bring out tourists galore.
Also lots of motorcycles, Man had a slight case of bike envy!
You just know there has to be a museum.
One of the smallest ones we have visited.
Turn around and there is another patron face to face
with you!  Total time required for visit, about 5 minutes!
There ya go, they claim population of 6!
We have run into this money decoration idea before,
in Pensacola Florida for one.
This presentation takes it up a notch, as
they include other currencies.  Represented here
are Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Nigeria and others!

OK, we know there just HAS to be a brothel somewhere, and yes, indeedy, on the second floor, Madam Tasha and No More, do in fact have rooms.

And, then there is, mmm, mmm, mmm, how to say this delicately??  OK, bluntly, this is the inside of the ladies' rest room, mmm, ok, the inside of a stall.

So, all in all, we had a day of giggles and fun in Tortilla Flats.  Another hokey touristy place for your bucket list, cause if you don't like the hokey, they do have an outside bar with entertainment, pretty good burgers and you will have a great ride out from Apache Junction.  What's not to like??

* While at the Superstition Mountain Museum/Lost Dutchman Museum a few days later, I found this little tidbit, I took a photo of the card and have fully transcribed it here.  Source data therefore is the Museum.

"How Tortilla Flat Got Named

In the small, but interesting archives of Tortilla Flat is a letter written in 1939, from Postmaster Russell Perkins to Mr. Ross Santee, state director of the Federal Writers' Project, a government project tracing place names in Arizona. Mr. Perkins states that Tonto Basin pioneer, Mr. John Cline, was with some folks from Tonto Basin who had gone to Phoenix for supplies. On their return they were stranded in the flat for several days by a flash flood. Their food ran out except for some flour, so they made tortillas to eat, and Mr. Cline, in honor of their supper, christened the flat Tortilla Flat."

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Michelle Goodrum said...

I think Tortilla Flat has grown since we were there way back when. Or maybe it just seems bigger. LOL

I'm adding it to my bucket list right now. Just cause...