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THE Trip, Silly Mountain, Not Stomping, More Like, Well, Read On

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Ok, so a few days after our first hike, err, walk at Silly Mountain, we went back, figured after a few days rest we could take on more, as in longer distance and maybe a bit harder in the difficulty factor.

Check out the distances and difficulties as laid out in this chart that I took from the map found at this web site.

My plan was to stay on trails with easy to moderate difficulty, and to stay OFF the trails that are difficult.  You will note, I said 'my plan'.  

So, 'my plan' for our second hike at Silly Mountain was to take Brittlebush Trail to the intersection of Palo Verde and Superstition View Trail.  Go along Superstition all the way east past where this map is cropped and then end up on Coyote and cut back up to Superstition and go back the way we came.  Of course, that would require retracing our route, something someone does not like to do.

Might need to click on this to open in a larger window.
What we ended up doing was taking Superstition to Old Baldy over to Crest, onwards to Old Mine and then finishing off coming back the Brittlebush Trail.  And, why did this happen, well, because someone (ya, MAN),  hates going back the same way and because we met this dude on the trail that convinced someone (ya, MAN) that Old Mine Trail was not that bad, if you were going DOWN it, which we would be.

YA RIGHT!!!  (Now, it would help you to be made aware of the fact that this dude on the trail was so healthy and fit it was sickening!  He was actually almost running the trails, loose gravel and all.  So, what should that tell you about his opinion that Old Mine Trail was not that bad, especially if going down.  I knew I was in big trouble!  Yes indeed, I did!)

OK, but to be fair and honest, I was pretty good on the Old Baldy and Crest Trail, a bit rougher than the easy trails, but, I was pretty much up to the challenge, well, pretty much.

BUT, that Old Mine Trail??  MMM, we were getting tired, some of the rocks we had to climb over were quite tall, which makes for long steps down.  Thank goodness for those walking sticks.  Place stick in front of you, over the rocks, lean on it, use it to support you as you lumber down.  Goodness only knows, this was not a pretty sight.  Go slow, diligently picking where my feet hit the ground, leaning into that walking stick.  There was one spot that I had to have that someone help me down, well, I could have done it solo, on my butt, sliding down about 6 feet, but, I took someone's hand instead.

I don't have a lot of photos of the trail from this hike, the Sony was carried for the most part slung across my shoulder and hanging on my back.  Here is one photo of the trail, I believe we are still going UP at this point, you can see, lots of rocks and loose gravel, and of course, someone's walking stick.

After reaching the top, we were greeted with this sign, and then the fun began!

This photo I believe was taken just before someone, err, Man, started being silly on Silly Mountain, the end result was - - - well - - - visualize this if you can - - - an old dude, legs flailing, arms flailing, walking stick being used to balance like a high wire walker, jumping from left to right, more legs flailing, got the idea yet?

He had stepped back a step and felt the edge of the path.  Believe me, it was the edge, and quite the drop off.  He would have rolled almost all the way to Route 60, see it down there?  Running left to right, ya, the highway down there.

I had visions of lots of thorns and mega broken bones and helicopters to the emergency room.  Somehow, he managed to right himself.

Then, the dark sense of humor kicked in, and my thoughts were:  RATS, I did not catch any of this show on camera.  RATS, there goes my $100,000 win for America's Funniest Video.  RATS!

OK, just kidding, he managed somehow, by the grace of some hiking angel watching over him to right himself and not tumble down Silly Mountain.

And, someone, make that two 'someones' have been joking (and having laughing fits) about it ever since.

I believe our hike this day was about 2.1 miles.  So, at least twice as long as the previous walk, and believe me, at least twice as difficult, no, make that 100 times more difficult.  OK, all kidding aside it was quite the experience.  Next time I hope I can persuade someone that we need to stick on easy and moderate type trails.  Leave those difficult ones to others younger and more limber.

I did take some photos of flora and fauna. many of which will appear over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  There is this one bug photo - -

* I found this web site as I was researching Silly Mountain, OHHH MYYY!!!

** Man and I saw several people actually running the hiking trails, over all that gravel, rocks, all of it.  My mind's eye keeps seeing them slipping and the road rash that would result.  GULP.

*** We actually saw some teenagers in flip flops and one young dude walking this trail barefoot!  I am sure he must have had bloody feet at the end of that down hill run of Old Mine Trail, cause that is where we saw him, headed down Old Mine!  I still am shaking my head in disbelief.

****  And, I snagged the t-shirt, on the reverse is a map of the hiking trails.


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