Monday, May 2, 2011

A Most Frustrating Day, Computer Wise

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Today, err Sunday, I was going to attack that overloaded Baby HP, instead, Man and I spent the entire day chasing malware. There are EVIL people who issue malware and total confusion.  Curses to them.

Man got attacked late last night, his fix was pretty easy.  My situation, of course, has not been easy.  We are still not sure we have dug it out.

Angst reined supreme in Tana today.  And, yes we have software that is supposed to protect us from this junk.  Only, it did not.  And, we even pay for this protection.  And, guess what, no technical support over the weekends.  You do not want to hear some of the things Man said over the last 24 hours.  GULP!

It has been an "interesting" couple of days, more trouble with Big Butt, oil leak, cause/fix has been determined, parts ordered, he has a doctor appointment Wednesday AM.

Today, a huge RV pulling out of the park we are staying in came within about 2 inches of taking off Big Butt's left rear fender.  Said fender is made of fiberglass, they look nice, but hit em and they don't look so nice and the repair bill is pricy, eh??  Man was livid for a while, but, I am happy to report that he is back to breathing.

It is entirely possible that I lost my back up little data card for the Sony.  RATS!  Good thing, even tho there were photos on it, they were also all downloaded a few weeks ago to the computer and to the external hard drives.

And, several other little annoying things have happened, but, most are just annoying, however, after about 3 or 4 of them, we feel the burr under the saddle, eh??

So, Man and I have had 2 days of grief and issues of several kinds.  The overloaded photo laden Baby HP is still overloaded.  And, will remain overloaded for several more days, or until I get around to it.

OK, mini rant over. It is going down below freezing tonight, my electric blanket warmed bed is calling my name.

* I am happy to report, however, that Tana's floors and carpets and nice and clean and my laundry is ALL done!  Something positive from the day of angst!  LOL


Kathy Reed said...

I can so identify. About 10 days ago, my computer crashed. I had purchased the extended warrantly, something I rarely do, and they didn't want to accept it for repair insisting that the problem was a virus or software (not covered of course). Although the place where I purchased it was able to back up my data, thankfully, I may have lost a lot of important emails. Then there is the painful process of reloading all of the software. I love and hate this technology. Good luck at your end.

Carol said...

Thanks Kathy, reloading is painful, I so relate, every time I get a new computer it takes Man about 2 weeks to get me up and moving. And, of course, every time I get a new one, I have to learn a new operating system. More pain.

Sorry to read about the extended warranty and the lost email. One reason I do not keep any email ON my computer, and have not for years. All my email is web based, so far, that has worked well for me.

Barbara Poole said...

What a bummer, all these problems while you are "vacationing," you should be stress-free. I think you know, my computer also crashed 2 months ago, got new motherboard and hard drive. Regardless of our problems, we are lost without our toys and want them to work! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for good karma to come your way.

Carol said...

Barbara, living 4 to 9 months in a row in Tana is not quite "vacationing". That said, we are currently in vacation mode, taking in so much in such a short period of time. Fact is, life is real, and this is just another dose of reality! SIGHH

Gotta run, a vacation mode 60 mile loop drive in our plans for the day. Sony is ready, not sure bout me, but Sony is! LOL

Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

Now you've motivated me to get my new laptop whipped into shape with backup/malware. One more piece in this techno overload that enriches and enrages.

Glad you're heading out. It may be exhausting, but those vistas wash away a lot of the frustrations. Enjoy!

Greta Koehl said...

Can soooo sympathizes. I'm still ranting about hackers and virus-spewers. Good thing I'm not a judge....

Hoping all your computer/transportation/etc. problems clear up!