Saturday, April 16, 2011

THE Trip, Man and I, The Desert Rats

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MOC (Montana Owners Club) friends Bob and Mina invited Man and I to go for a ride in the desert, guided by Mina's cousin Debbra.  Such an offer is not turned down.  So, one morning, abundant sunshine shining, and temps mild, off we went to Queens Valley to start our day ride in the Sonoran Desert.

Debbra has lived in the area for some years, and she and her husband Carl, enjoy driving in the desert, and know it well.  She is a great guide, she knows the area and lots of local color stories.  Thanks Debbra, for a grand day.

One of the first sights was Elephant Butte.  There is a web page here, which shows you the topographical map, and would lead one to believe that you can march right out there and have a climb.  Not so.  The area surrounding the Butte is fenced off.  We actually met up with the current owner, he was out posting new "No Trespassing" signs.  He claimed that his insurance company has demanded that he fence it off and highly discourage visitors.

We did however, get some photos of the butte.  Here they are, from the front, side and back:

So, do you see the elephant head??  I do, especially on the first and second photos.

We also visited the Pinal Burial Ground, also called the Old Pinal Cemetery this day.  A post on the cemetery will show up here on Reflections some time soon.

Here are two more distinctive and beautiful mountains in the area,

Above, this is Roblas Butte, according to our tour guide, Debbra.
And, this is Pickett Post Mountain.  Thanks again, Debbra.
Lunch at a great Mexican restaurant in Superior, friendship, a great guide, beautiful scenery, driving around like desert rats, what a fun day, thanks to Bob, Mina and Debbra!


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Apple said...

How sad that it has to be fenced off to avoid lawsuits.