Monday, April 18, 2011

The Trip, Stomping Around Silly Mountain, Apache Junction, Arizona

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Man and I enjoy hiking, mmm, need the exercise AND enjoy hiking.  So, while in the Apache Junction area, before the rattlers came out in force, on a couple of cool(ish) days, we went for a hike, err, walk on Silly Mountain.

Here is a view of PART of Silly Mountain from the trail head.  Doesn't look too overwhelming, does it?  What's not to like, a path easily followed, and bright abundant sunshine, and look at that brilliant blue sky!

Now, just for the record, that huge path up the middle of the photo, is actually mostly closed to hikers, it was a 4-wheeler road to the top that is now closed and blocked.  The path that Man and I took the first day is about 1/3rd of the way over, start on the left side of the photo.  Look close, it goes between the 1st and 2nd "bump", again, from the left.  Our trip up and back covered a little less than a mile the first day.

We have discovered that trail surface is everything!  Most of the trails we have ventured onto in the last several months are rough gravel, stones and rocks.  Like this one, oh, and that is a Red Barrel Cactus, one was featured on Reflection's Flora and Fauna the other day.  This is going up, ya either go around that big stone or over it:

And, this is coming down, note the walking stick.  We have come to LOVE our walking sticks!

I downloaded a copy of the trail map for Silly Mountain from this web site.  The following image shows only the section of the trail that we did this hike.  Starting at the parking area we hiked up the Palo Verde Trail to the intersection of the Superstition and Brittlebrush Trails.  At that intersection turn and head out via the "V" shaped Brittlebrush Trail back to the parking area.

Come on back, coming soon to this blog, and I'll give ya the scoop on the second hike, which was a WHOLE lot longer and a WHOLE lot more exciting.  Don't worry, no hiker was harmed.

*And, nope, family historians, I did not attempt to get to the Grave marked on this map.  I saw no path, no signage, and without either, I was not going.  Did not see nor attempt to find the Old Mine either.  Note those lines, they indicate "rise", or in other words, how steep the hill is.  TOO steep for this gal, this day.


Joan said...

Thanks for the trip. I have never been to AZ and find hiking in the mountains rather strange without scrub oaks leading to towering conifers. An interesting change for me --- tho vicariously. Waiting to see what we do tomorrow.

Jenny Lanctot said...

You may not have tried to get to the grave, but "I saw no path, no signage, and without either, I was not going." says you at least THOUGHT about it ... LOL. I so enjoy reading about your adventures. You guys go to the coolest places!

Karen said...

I look at that path and see a twisted ankle! lol Hopefully that isn't part of the second hike!