Tuesday, April 12, 2011

THE Trip, Tombstone Tuesday, The Cemetery at Roosevelt Lake Arizona

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I spied this small cemetery while we were driving around the campgrounds at Roosevelt Lake.  This cemetery is represented at Find A Grave, which entry includes some background information.  According to this page, the cemetery is known as the Windy Hill Burial Grounds, located in the Chipmunk Campground.

It is obvious that the cemetery is taken care of, protected by fencing, the approach is a nice wide concrete sidewalk.  No vandalism was seen.

In the following photo you can even see Roosevelt Lake in the background (top left).

One of the graves, all unmarked, they are very similar, and touching.

A sign in the cemetery reads:

"Buried here are 3 Blevins children 
and an unidentified man shot by the 
Sheriff also 4 others who are

No dates are recorded, no names, other than that of "Blevins".  No information, 8 lives and 8 stories lost, only remembered by unmarked graves here next to the beautiful Roosevelt Lake.


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