Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE Trip, Gold Canyon to Camp Verde Arizona

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Sadly we leave Gold Canyon today, but are ready to see what is down the road, the wheels are a rolling. We have a short ride, just about 138 miles, about half of that to just get to the north side of Phoenix.  Also remarkable in the change in foliage as we climbed in altitude and gave Big Butt the opportunity to show his towing stuff.

Our route was 60 NW to the 101 (loop).  Took the 101 north and then east till we hit I 17 North.  I 17 North to Camp Verde.

We did stop along the way at the Sunny Point Rest Area at Exit 252 on the I 17.   Scenic view opportunity and stretch the legs (and, ya, potty stops).  Looking down into a small valley of sorts I spied this.  If you google Hourrelzy you will probably find, as I did, 6 hits.  (I even tried a Bing search, one hit.)  No clues will be found tho as to what this means, if anything.

Back in Big Butt, we made our way into Verde Valley, 6% grades, downhill of course.

Above, you know you are gonna go down and quickly
when you see that tell tale Runaway Truck Ramp sign.
And, true to their words, there is the ramp.
We are happy to report, we did not need to use it!
Note the elevation, 4,000 feet.  By weeks end

we will have seen 7,000 and some wet sleet stuff, 
but, ONLY while driving Big Butt.  Tana's turn at 
7,000 feet will come in 2 weeks!
Above, one of our first glimpses of Verde Valley,
and, way back, miles away, the red rock area that surrounds
 Sedona Arizona, looking a bit pink so many miles away.
Our original intention was to stay here for one week, we ended up staying 2 weeks and 1 day (the 1 day was to wait out a wind event that we did not care to tow in.)  Our MOC (Montana Owners Club) RVing friends are starting to feed us ideas of what to see, where to go, good places to eat.  It seems as the closer we get to Utah the more ideas they have!  We are more than happy to listen to them, and thanks to friend Steve R. we had some great BBQ while in Camp Verde, thanks Steve for the name!  See, we went:

And, it was good!
We settled into our campsite at Distant Drums RV Resort and started mapping our sightseeing trips.  And, what sights they are!  Sony is on overload!



Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

You're heading up in the world - literally! I do love the high desert. Can't wait to see your views of it.

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed your blog. I am a 3 generation AZ native from the Verde Valley (Cottonwood/Camp Verde area..

One error- "Sunny Point" rest area is actually SUnset Point.

Take care and be safe in your travels!