Saturday, April 23, 2011

THE Trip, Roosevelt Lake And Beyond

Copyright 2011, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Our visit with Man's kissing cousin and her husband was a delightful day.  They remembered stories and family from their youth.  She cooked us a delish meal, they shared their home, and their view.  Now, let me tell you, they have a kick butt view from their back deck, see:

I mean, how hard is this to take??  I would never get
anything done with this view out my back door.
Towards evening, we took a ride down to Roosevelt Dam and points beyond.  Man's cousin hubby drove, being familiar with the roads, the conditions and having a smaller car.  From Roosevelt Dam driving towards Tortilla Flats is said to be some of the wildest, most beautiful road in all of Arizona.  Sheer drop offs, sheer rock walls rising above you, curvy roads, and in spots very narrow roads, toss in a gravel surface that is rather rough, and you have a 22 mile, several hour ride.  Some say they would never do it again after doing it once.  Others say they cannot wait to do that ride once again, any time!

We only drove a few miles, the scenery was breathtaking (boy I sure find myself using that term a lot!).  Here are a couple of examples, taken from different vantage points along the way.  The reality in this case was much better than the photos show, sometimes the Sony just cannot grab it all.

After our short trip down the road, it was time to turn around and head back.  We said our goodbyes, lots of hugs, loaded up the fur kids and headed back from Roosevelt Lake to Gold Canyon.  The sun was setting, but the photo ops were not quite finished for this day, the setting sun gave us one more light show:

What a totally wonderful day!  WOW!



Barbara Poole said...

I bet you enjoyed all that green, and the lake. Pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery, and I love your sunset photos. Jo :-)