Sunday, April 17, 2011

THE Trip, An Update of Sorts

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Man and I are scheduled to leave Camp Verde Arizona on Monday, April 18th and head north towards the Grand Canyon and other points in Utah.

I realize I am still posting trip reports about our stay in the Gold Canyon Arizona, I am about 2 to 3 weeks behind at this point in posting my reports.  Several issues have contributed to the trip reports being late:

1.)  Having too much fun, lots of day trips, so much to see and do.  When we are out and about, I am not writing, researching, and editing photos!  MMM, isn't that a shame??  NOT!  WAHHOOOOO

2.)  Slow, slow Internet here.  We have spent hours trying to figure out a amplifier that is supposed to work with the air card and router and all those good electronic things that keep us connected.  If you are a follower on Facebook, you have heard about some of it.  I am not going into full details right now, but, we are on the 2nd amp, and still no help.  In fact, hook up the amp, and the connectivity tanks!  BLECH!  Man even changed the router (yes, we have 2 of them, long story, not going there now either!  LOL)  Slow Internet makes blogging, well, slow!  It makes a huge difference believe me.  OK, maybe another excuse for being behind, but it is my story and I am sticking to it!  LOL

3.)  Life issues, still dealing with Mr. Gallagher's continuing health issues, some days are good, some days just are not.  We are working with it.  Recently "working with it" translated to the little silver dude getting to go hiking with mom and dad, see photo at Reflection's Flora and Fauna, see, looks pretty nifty doesn't it??  Two of the other life issues:  Uncle Sam took up a hunk of our time and $$$$ this last week.  Man and I did what we could to alleviate the national debt.  We had some other personal issues that need to be handled, still working on those.  (And, of course, there is still laundry to do and errands to run, shopping to be done, life issues.)

4.)  Big Butt got sick.  Nothing real bad, but, did set our pocket books back.  We found a dealership that we felt comfy with, meaning we felt they were trustworthy to diagnose and fix Big Butt's O2 sensor and replace a noisy fan in the headliner (it was right by Man's good left ear, was really getting irritating).

5.)  The Baby HP is filling up, I am taking toooooo many photos!  (WAHHOOOOO)  So, I have deleted some photos that I really needed to delete (yes, I need to do LOTS more) and have been doing some defragging and stuff.  It has been interesting.  The Baby froze up during a defrag.  I was concerned.  Man cancelled the defrag, and started it again, and this time the process completed successfully.  I also have a new small external hard drive.  Plan, have it back up the files that change, back em up at least once a day.  I think I am having DUH days, cause I still don't know if I have the right buttons clicked on the software I chose.  Working on it.

6.)  Some days we rest, some days nothing seems to get done!  That too, is life.

So, we are heading out, don't know if the amp will keep us connected to the Internet.  So far this trip we have thought several times we might loose connectivity, but have managed to stay online pretty much all the time. Some days were slow, but, we have still been able to connect.  But, Utah??  Well, we shall see, and we are excited to find out!

So, if Reflections and Carol seem to be MIA, it is cause we are taking photos, AGAIN!  Grand Canyon and beyond.

Below are photos of Tana's pin box (that is the part that hooks to Big Butt's hitch.  While in Gold Canyon some sweet Momma bird tried to make a nest in Tana's pin box.  Man removed the nest twigs and put this water bottle in the spot.  Worked, Momma bird went elsewhere to build her abode.  We forgot the bottle and towed from Gold Canyon to Camp Verde with the bottle there.  Why it did not blow out is beyond us.  Another quirk of life!  LOL

And, now, Reflections and her Man, the yorks, Tana and Big Butt, Sony and Baby HP are headed towards the Canyon, Grand of course!

*A special thank you to Nick of the Gypsy Journal.  Nick and his special gal, Terry happened to be staying in the general area of Camp Verde the last couple of weeks.  Nick is one busy dude, so we did not try to hunt him down.  LOL   Nick happened to mention several activities or places to visit while in the area that were not necessarily on our hit list.  We are were in the area and so, we took a few of his suggestions.  So, so glad we did.  His last one was about Prescott and Granite Dells near there.  OHHH MYYY!!!  Nick really writes a good hit list!  REALLY GOOD!

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Grandma MG said...

Traveling and mixing life together! The view changes daily!!! Since we have found out the next Spring Rally is in Camp Verde, I am anxious for it to get here!!! Beautiful pics (?)!!!