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Monday, May 18, 2015

Battery Russell and Fort Stevens Oregon :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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June 17, 2013, almost two years ago, we were in Oregon.  Today, we are not in Oregon.

Battery Russell was built between March of  1903 and August of 1904, named for Bvt. Major General David A. Russell who was killed in action 19 September 1864 at Opequan, Virginia, during the U.S. Civil War.

Not sure what this "building" is or was, it was near the parking lot.  We had to climb the stairs to the left to go to the main area of the battery.

Man inside that building.  I wish I had recorded Man's remarks.  From the stance he was saying something important and insightful.

Now, let's go up to the main building.

A big cannon/gun went in that hole. 

Mother Nature planted one solitary flower in just a tiny spot on this other wise solid wall.

Stairs down to ?  Seems in the summer there are tours that will take you down to find out.  The park web site tells us it is a "rare gun battery that also served as a World War II command center".

The big guns would have sat in the middle of that circle, so they could be moved/spun around.  (Bet you can tell I don't have much knowledge on battles and forts and military stuff.)

Fort Stevens.  We drove through, but, really did not stop.  Fort Stevens "was once the primary military defense installation in the three-fort, Harbor Defense System at the mouth of the Columbia River (Forts Canby and Columbia in Washington were the other two). The fort was in service for 84 years, beginning during the Civil War and closing at the end of World War II."

The sign reads:  Central Power Plant.

Fort Stevens Cemetery, also known as: Fort Stevens Post Military has 269 memorials on Find A Grave.  You have to drive down this narrow dirt road past a subdivision to get to the cemetery.

May they rest in peace.

Thank you for your service.

John W. COles

Private Co. II
4 U.S. Artillery
Drowned in 
Bakers Bay
W. T.
June 11th
Aged 26 Y'rs.
& C mo's.

Thus ended a long visit to Fort Stevens State Park.  We visited a ship wreck, a jetty, saw a whale, saw the battery, Fort Stevens and the cemetery.

Next we will turn inland, towards Portland, to have Tana fixed.  You can read about the problems that sent us off our intended track:

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