Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cape Meares Lighthouse Oregon :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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June 13, 2013, back to Oregon we go, virtually of course, cause, dang, that was almost 2 years ago!  Really!  No, we are not in Oregon today.

After visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory we headed out to drive the coast and see more.  More coast, trees, surf, sea mist and another light house, this time Cape Meares.  The lighthouse was built in 1890 and deactivated in 1963.  It was replaced and eventually turned over to Tillamook County and then to the state of Oregon in 1968.  

There is of course, some mighty pretty scenery:

I loved how the wind has sculpted this shrubbery along the walkway:

And, of course, if it is Oregon, there will be rocks and arches and holes and water and surf and ohhhh, sighhhh:

And, a whole lot of sea birds floating around:

Another view of the coast line, this time looking south, and including the rocks and arches and - - 

And, here is what we came for, the lighthouse:

The lighthouse is a short walk through lovely grounds.  We took our time, just lollygagging along.

To finish off our stop at Tillamook we drove over to Oceanside and out to Cape Lookout State Park.  More gorgeous Oregon scenery to come - - - 


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