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Port of Garibaldi and the North Jetty of Tillamook Bay :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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June 12, 2013.  Moving north in Oregon.  Virtually, of course, cause we are not in Oregon today, this was two years ago.

Heading north to our next stop at Tillamook.

Of course, there are bridges, here is one:

Now, I know this is not scenic, it is not a bridge or a lighthouse, or sea mist, however, I am not sure I have ever seen one of these before or since, a stop sign in the middle of the road, see, in front of Jolly's hood, on the left??

The Port of Garibaldi wins the award for the most creative and colorful and fun welcome sign:

Just love the art work we see across the nation:

Later at the North Jetty of Tillamook Bay, I call this   "Fishin or Fhonin?"

I spent some time with the Zoom on Sony Too chasing the birds out here, they were very photogenic and cooperative, not skittish at all.  They all seem to have just one leg - - just kiddin!

However photogenic the creatures were this afternoon, I do believe this is my favorite photo of the day, clouds, blue skies, rolling waves, sea mist, green hills, rock, sand and a bit of driftwood.

The following day we would find us another lighthouse.  YA!


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