Monday, May 11, 2015

Tillamook Cheese Factory, a "Gotta Do It" When in Oregon :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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June 13, 2013, when we were still actually IN Oregon.  Today bringing you the virtual version, we are NOT in Oregon today.

If you visit the Oregon coast you just "gotta" stop at Tillamook Cheese Factory.

I knew I was in the correct place when I saw all these milk trucks dumping the good stuff.  A milk filling station, err, dumping station, if you will.

You can observe the factory from above, the yellow tint, is what Sony Too captured.  (Oh, get it, yellow for cheese, snicker.)  This is a free and self guided tour.

By golly, lookie all that yummy cheese.

Yes, you can purchase cheese and ice cream.  You can even have lunch there.  Not convinced yet?  Take a peek.

I am forever a fan of Tillamook.

(Hint, look in the big box stores, you can find the ice cream and cheese in many states east of Oregon. Enjoy!)


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