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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Evergreen Aviation Museum, McMinnville Oregon :: THE Trip, THE Encore

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

June 24, 2013.  Almost two years ago, Oregon revisited virtually.  Nope, we are NOT in Oregon today.

Do you believe in kismet or things happening for a reason??  Well, I do.  Here is just one example.  Tana broke her landing leg.  We had to come to McMinnville to have Tana fixed.  Right next to the campground that was highly recommended, was this little museum.  And, in this museum, resides the Spruce Goose.  Ya, that one. For a one time student pilot, to see THE Spruce Goose, a thrill. 

Outside the museum there is at least one 747 on display. Right next door is the Wings & Waves Waterpark, where there is a 747 sitting on the roof.

From a different vantage point you can see that the 747 IS the water slide, or has part of the water slide coming out of it's tail section.  Now, I am not into water slides so much, but, if I were you would have a hard time keeping me out of this water park.

Back at the museum, they have a Navy Blue Angels plane, a great start as far as I am concerned.

Flowers and planes, good mix, eh??

Yes, it is hung upside down, isn't that fun?

One of my favs, the Ford Tri-Pacer, yes, I have flown in one, many years ago, too many years to count:

Lots of shiny planes, in various shapes and sizes:

Some WWII versions even come with a bit of cheesecake:

Next, I'll attempt to show you the Spruce Goose.  Only that thing is so danged HUGE it is all but impossible to get a photo of it all.  They have planes parked under it and hung around it.  I think they only reason they did not have planes hung directly over it is because it almost touches the ceiling!


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