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Cannon Beach Oregon, Sand Sculpture :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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June 15, 2013, almost TWO full years ago, in Oregon.

We heard about this sand sculpture contest that is held every year at Cannon Beach.  And, we were there in the area on the day of the contest.  Well, how bout that for being special and lucky?

Of course, we went.  Parking was, a nightmare.  The town was brimming with people.  The weather was favorable, let the contest begin.

The kids at play, water, sand, what more could a kid want?

We arrived as the day was winding down, here goes one of the contestants, look at all that gear:

I am so impressed, round pails, square pails, and whatever is in that yellow square pail.  Looks very organized.

The artists skills range from basic, including feathers.  This is about as fancy as Man and I have ever mustered, errr, built.

To something a bit more sophisticated.  (If you think there is something a bit wacky - - NOT quacky - - wacky, about this photo, it is because I flipped it 90 degrees.  Because - - )

I love the textures in this work.

They even had a campfire and a family in a tent, just for us, ohhh, thank you.

Cupcake with a strawberry on top and the cupcake in the back, someone took a big ole bite out of that one.  Was it good??

Someone has a sense of humor.  I don't have the full context, but, really, who needs more??

Seeing that Man and I had never been to an "official" sand sculpture contest, we found this to be quite interesting. We walked up and down the beach watching the people and looking at the sculpture.  This was not exactly on our bucket list, but, glad we had this opportunity.

* By the way, if you are in the area, this years contest is on June 20th.


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