Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Brief Respite on the Columbia River, near Portland Oregon :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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June 27, 2013, in Oregon, two years ago (well almost two years ago).

After driving the Historic Columbia River Highway easterly and seeing some (not all) of the beautiful waterfalls, we jumped on I-84 and headed west back towards, Portland and Troutdale.  We made one more stop, at a small turnout along I-84, which tells the story of Broughton's Expedition.

We stopped to take in the view of the Columbia River:

Sometime during our travels the last few years, I have taken to noticing and photographing surveyors marks, no I have no idea why, but, I seem to be rather taken by them.  I found at least 3 along this small pull off.  Here are two of the three:

This one seems to have been beaten on a time or two:

While I was hunting down surveyor marks and taking photos, Man was just gazing:

We sat and watched this barge moving down the river, just what is that yellow orb??

Well, sure, why not?  Be Happy.

It has been a long and wonderful day.  Several of our RVing friends had suggested we visit the Bonneville Lock and Dam and fishery.  I'll admit, I was hesitant.  I'll admit, I was nicely surprised.  Stay tuned.


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