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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oceanside and Cape Lookout State Park, Oregon :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Day trip, dated, JUNE 13, 2013.  We are NOT in Oregon today, almost 2 years later.  (Wish we were tho!  LOL)

A day from sun to dark, cool, overcast and gorgeous all around.

After leaving the Cape Meares lighthouse we headed to Oceanside Oregon.  There is a nice beach there, a state recreation area.

Beach, and of course, some wonderful large rock structures in the water.   LOVE.

And, what looks at the beach.  I am sure we could not get Tana into any of those home lots though. LOL

More beach and more homes:

We did not stay long, next heading for Cape Lookout State Park, where the clouds loomed.  It was cold and brisk (err, meaning breezy).  And, I found rocks and arches and sea mist galore and just a bit of rough surf.  (Sony Too and zoom working it here.)

When I edited this photo with auto correct it made it almost a black and white photo, which for some reason seemed to fit it perfectly, so, here it is:

Catch the cloud action on this photo, isn't it amazing?? Yes, that is the rocks with arch in the middle of the shot, way, way, way out there.

Leaving the park, the darkness lifted, at least for a few minutes, the surf is still rather active, pretty, tho.

And, we found sand dunes, it did appear that dune buggies were allowed to drive on that hill back there - - 

More beach, sighhhh, 

My fav capture of the day, Man reflecting (in several ways) on the haunting beauty of the Oregon Coast.

Next we head to Seaside Oregon and the breakdown that Tana had that changed the next 2 to 3 weeks of our trip.  It worked out just fine, funny how that happens.



Jim and Julie said...

Beautiful pictures!

my Heritage Happens said...

Awesome pictures, but the last one is tops!