Thursday, October 3, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: San Francisco, Cross the Bridge, Sharing Lunch

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Yes, we are still in San Francisco and yes, we are 4.5 months behind on the posts and yes, it has been almost 3 weeks since I blogged about THE Trip, THE Encore'.  WOW!

May 10, 2013.

After spending some time at the Marin Headlands, watching the Golden Gate Bridge playing tag with a bunch of sea mist (OK, Facebook friends, Beverly and Linda, it was heavy enough at times to be fog), we headed down to the bridge and drove into San Francisco.

Many walk and bike across the bridge:

It is magnificent, isn't it?  Massive.  Stunning.  Not "golden", but, Golden in our hearts.

Here is Jolly getting through the toll gate. This was probably as close, and maybe closer, as was Needles tunnels near Custer South Dakota.  REALLY CLOSE!! Man was sweating it, and, truth be known, so was I.

On the way back to Greenbrae later in the afternoon, we discovered that we probably were in the wrong lane, as we were NOT in the curb lane going INTO town.  NOPE, we were in one of the inside lanes.  Ooops. No wonder it was such a tight fit.  It sure was easier going OUT of town and using that curb lane.  DUHHHH  (By the way, as far as we know, they have never billed us for the toll, maybe they thought since we managed to snug through they would award us with a free toll??  Nahhh, I doubt that too.)

San Francisco, the mist hung around most of the day.

Had to try to capture the steep hills.  They ARE just like in the movies!

We drove around a bit, carefully, this is not a Jolly friendly place.  We made our way to Golden Gate Park, Stow Lake, where we were delighted and a bit surprised to find a parking spot for our big fella, Jolly.  We had a picnic lunch and the fur kids, we found a park bench and proceeded to have lunch.   There were patrons of the park having row boat and kayak rides. Lots of people walking, some walking dogs, or pushing strollers with youngsters.  Other than some fine people watching, our view included this lovely stone bridge.

Some of our dining companions.

I had to laugh at this pair, I suspect we had a male and a female, and he was the fluffed up one?  He chased her all around, back and forth.  She kept moving, he kept chasing.  I kept giggling.

"I'm cute, look see, I am not afraid of you, I'll show off for you, ohh, what DO you have in that bag?  Food by any chance?"  (The sneak attack, well the attempt!)

No food was shared with the flocks.

After a leisurely (?) lunch in the cool dampness we drove around the park some more, eventually taking in other areas close by.  Coming here to Reflections sometime, hopefully soon.



Jana Last said...

Looks like fun! Oh! That stone bridge is delightful! Great photos Carol!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Love San Fran. We haven't been there in years but you are making us want to go back. PS. Love the stone bridge too!