Monday, October 14, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: San Francisco, The Last Hours, Street Stuff

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May 12, 2013, Our last day in San Francisco.  After enjoying Lombard Street we decided to walk down to the bay, it is not that far and it is DOWN hill.  So, we did.

Along the way, gorgeous flowers:

As we wandered, we came upon Fay Park, a historic Thomas Church garden.  The garden is 1/4 of an acre of pure delight and respite from the city.  It was open to the public.  I found beautiful foxglove.  The few minutes that Man and I spent there, no others came to intrude, really, a surprisingly peaceful haven.

On Francisco Street, mail boxes drew my attention, my dark humor.  The street sign is straight, then the hill starts.  The mail boxes are not leveled, they are just set down, and so what if they are sorta, tipsy/drunken looking.  LOL

We stopped at a local bar, had a burger and a beer, then, down to the bay and the piers we walked, fishing boats - -

And, yep, Fisherman's Wharf.

Street entertainers:

You tell me what this was all about. Clever, bet he does really wonderful Halloween costumes - -

And, a one man band, he drew quite a crowd - -

Street something or other, kinda cute little cars (?) or bikes (?).  Helmets, hand brakes, let's go with bikes.  Wonder what kind of license you need to drive this, vehicle - -

We rode another electric type bus back to Pier One to get the ferry back to Larkspur, is this a cool interior or what??

Back on the ferry, our last look at the Golden Gate Bridge, through water spotted windows, almost as if the bridge is already a figment of our imagination.

Good bye San Fran.  We did not do you justice.  That said, we saw quite a bit in our short time.  We will not forget you any time soon.


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