Saturday, October 12, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: San Francisco, Lombard Street, So Many Curves

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May 12, 2013.  After China Town, we navigated our way to Lombard Street, the TOP of Lombard Street.

Here it is from the very top, you can see all the way to the Bay.  Coit Tower too!

Curves, well manicured beds, brick streets, what's not to love?

Man working his way DOWN the hill.

There were people walking, and just about ALL of them were taking photos.  It was almost as much fun to people watch as to take photos.

Note the car of the far left, he is parked in his driveway!

Sometimes it is just ALL about THE car!

It just keeps going down and back and forth and back and forth.  This day there was constant automobile and walking traffic. I can only imagine on a Saturday.  WOW!  Gotta say, the views are spectacular.

Looking UP the street. Yes, indeedy, it IS steep!

Yes, there are cars in there, the shrubbery hides most of them in this shot.

At the bottom of the one way section of Lombard Street, photographers gather, standing in the street, trying to get a great shot.  Yep, me too!

I cropped the power lines and such out of this shot.  Since we did not get to drive Lombard Street, I have to wonder, if it is so much fun that some don't do it several times??

There will be at least one more post on our visit to San Francisco, then we shall head north, slowly for the next 6 weeks, overdosing in the left coast and all it's beauty.


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Michelle Goodrum said...

Love this post and especially that last shot. We have never done Lombard St. This May be the closest we get.