Thursday, October 31, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Drive to Shelter Cove California

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May 17, 2013, Man and I set off for a day trip/drive to Shelter Cove California.  The ride from Benbow is 54 miles one way.  The road climbs to about 2100 feet before we drop down to Shelter Cove which sits pretty much at sea level.  The road also is quite curvy. 

There are at least two single lane areas along the road.

A bit narrow:

Waiting for Jolly, thank you sir.

A number of these hair pin turns, go slow for sure.  But, what caught my attention are those tread marks.  Really??  Someone is out here doing burns??

Another example, a full 360 burned in.  The word, "idiots", keeps running through my head.  

Our first glance of the Pacific from Shelter Cove road. 

This is a book we relied on quite a bit for our travel time in the west, it lists roads that may have issues for big rigs such as Tana.  They list size of rigs that should not drive these routes.  They describe the route.

And, this is what we saw coming out of Shelter Cover, this Montana is at least as large as Tana.  Remember that hairpin turn??  That is just one of many issues he will be dealing with.  There were also a few inside blind curves with solid walls of rock and pine trees.  We had to pull over close to the left edge of our lane, almost into the oncoming traffic lane just to get Jolly around, this guy had to be running in the oncoming traffic lane, otherwise we don't believe he could make those sharp corners with out scraping the side of that rig.  Re-read the warnings from our book, "we would suggest you scout this road in a small vehicle".  We did not see this guy at the bottom of a ravine or anything when we drove out, so we are guessing he made it just fine.  Gotta say, his wife must be made of nerves of steel.  WOW!  We have had friends tell us they drove this with their rigs, no thanks.  Again, WOW!

We have arrived, time for a picnic lunch and exploring Shelter Cove.

Oh, those little boats out there in the water, those are kayaks.  Shelter Cove was another interesting and fascinating area long the California coast.  I took over 325 photos this day, so, I have a few pretties to share with you.


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labbie1 said...

Pretties! Yay! And not thank you! I wouldn't want to do it with our little Rocky (30 ft bumper pull) let alone our bigger mother ship--40 ft 5th wheel. Yikes! Oh my!

Thanks for the tour! I be it was just breathtaking in real life!